An advertising campaign is a prepared and carefully planned set of activities aimed at achieving a specific goal. With proper configuration and professional support, advertising campaigns become a very powerful and effective tool that allows to achieve business goals, and not just run the advertising budget.

SEA Company has a wide experience in conducting advertising campaigns of various sizes and always adheres strictly to the rules of their creation when working out the concept:
Target audience. This is one of the most important points in forming a media plan for an advertising campaign. We always ask you to describe your target audience when requesting the cost of the advertising campaign. We carefully analyze the information provided to us and share our expert opinion with the customer. Perhaps this is something that is most needed at this particular moment and what will help to increase the efficiency of your investments.
The final goal of the advertising campaign. It is important to be on the same wavelength with the customer and to understand where we together are going to. Therefore, a clear definition of the final goal will greatly contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
Competitiveness of the promoting offer. Today, the market in all segments is quite full of similar offers. Of course, each brand is sure that its offer is the best and can name a number of reasons. We try to look at the proposal on the part of the target audience to note its pluses and possibly minuses. All this allows us to highlight the accents in the advertising campaign and to get prepared for potential risks and questions.
Budget. One of the most important issues. In practice, the total budget amount has already been determined by the customer. Our goal is to model an advertising campaign and its tools in such a way as to get maximum efficiency from the approved budget.
Following the rules and algorithm of SEA Company, an advertising campaign will be an effective way to achieve your business goals. However, in addition to the obvious complexity of preparing and launching an advertising campaign, there is another important point - the presentation of information in a single style. In the advertising world, this is called as "flight" and involves the development of an advertising slogan and layouts in a single style! This is another reason why the advertising campaign service is so popular among SEA Company clients.


Competence and experience. The SEA Company team has conducted a number of advertising campaigns and well aware of all the nuances of their implementation. This is a valuable factor that comes only with experience.
Specialists in the company's staff. Advertising campaigns require the involvement of a number of specialists: a marketing manager, a e-commerce manager, a designer, a PR Manager, an advertising manager, and a project manager. Do you have all these specialists and are you sure of their professionalism?
International expertise. SEA Company is a part of the international Travel Lifestyle Network Association, that gives our clients an opportunity to organize a single advertising campaign in more than 20 countries at once, with one personal manager. In addition, we are the first to learn about new trends in advertising, features of digitizing results, and the cost of attracting 1 contact from the target audience.

What is the difference between advertising campaigns and PR campaigns?
An advertising campaign has a broader list of promotion tools that includes a PR campaign and more:

- advertising layouts placed on billboards, online banners, in contextual and targeted advertising, in print media, etc. Their design is the same;

- PR campaign aimed at popularizing the slogan of the advertising campaign;

- promotion of video content with a single design and story that supports advertising layouts and PR campaigns;

- BTL and offline activities representing the characters and themes of the advertising campaign to the real world.
Why do I need an agency if I can organize an advertising campaign with the help of in-house specialist?
A specialist in-house is good. Yet "One in the field but without shield". To achieve the result, a well-coordinated work of a team of professionals is needed. Can you hire a Brand Manager, marketing manager, copywriter or Internet marketer? Even if you can, the cost of our services, including all these specialists, will be 3 or 4 times cheaper. It is just more profitable to work with us!
What guarantees do you give?
All our KPIs are written down in the contract.
What budget will be required for an advertising campaign?
It depends on your goals, capabilities and team of specialists. You can run an advertising campaign for 1 million rubles and get nothing from it, or you can invest 100 thousand rubles and get sales of 1 million rubles. To get the most out of your investment, you need to entrust the creation of an advertising campaign to professionals, not dilettantes.
Is one advertising campaign enough?
No. Even world-famous brands that have been making money from a single product for many years continue to conduct large-scale advertising campaigns from time to time to maintain brand awareness. For Example, Coca-Cola. An advertising campaign is required not only to bring a new product to the market, but also to maintain brand awareness in synergy with PR strategy, as the market is constantly being updated with new products, whose advertising campaigns can outbid your target audience.
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