Contextual advertising is the most affordable and fast method to attract clients from the internet. If you have an attractive and ready to host a traffic web site, you can use contextual advertising to stimulate them to make an order. To do this, you should configure an advertising campaign in a special service and make a deposit. Sounds like simple, right?

In fact, an expert configuration of contextual advertising is a true art, mastered by not every internet-marketing specialist. You can think, what if I do it by myself? Indeed, there are numerous courses on advertising and analytic system configuration today, and some of them are free. But:
A high-quality material has a high price.
You will spend more than one month of intensive work.
Even if you spend a lot of time and money on training, you still need practice. A
lot of practice.
It is also necessary to mention that Yandex and Google do not forgive any even slightest mistake: in case of incorrect configuration you will lose your money forever, as it is charged off your balance at every click on your site. What if you attract non-target audience? You will not get your money back. What if you have many visitors but zero orders? We guess any extra comments are needless here.
This is just the beginning, and it gets worse as it goes on. Contextual advertising is
divided into two types:
Search advertising, including Yandex Direct and Google Adwords.
Internet advertising, including Advertising Network and Google Display Network.
We have written an article especially for you, where we detail the features of every tool.
If you decide to configure advertising yourself, you will also have to go deep into elaborated knowledge of every such service. But why spending precious time and money if you can delegate the configuration of contextual advertising to professionals.
Trust us with internet advertising, and we will provide target audience and a flow of new orders.

What we will do for you:
Develop a semantic kernel (a search phrases list) for advertising campaign.
Write attractive and creative titles and texts for ads, seen by search tool users.
Cross minus advertisements. You will get only target clicks, which correspond to
your matter; the budget will be reasonably spent.
Make a set of actions to decrease the price of order and attracting new clients.
Select the tool, which is best for a specific task. You need clients right now? We
will configure Yandex Direct and Google Adwords. You want to increase user
awareness of your brand or your novel product? We will set Yandex Advertising
Network and Google Display Network.
Within contextual advertising, we also recommend setting end-to-end analytics system. It is one of the all-powerful tools, which will significantly increase the quality of work with advertising. If you have no objections, we will:
Configure a big data service.
Allocate the budget only for requests, which sell, and disactivate those which waste it.
Significantly decrease the cost of new orders.
Integrate a CRM-system with your site. Every order will pass through a purchase funnel, which will greatly save your time.
Подберем тот инструмент, который лучше всего подойдет для конкретной задачи. Нужны клиенты здесь и сейчас? Настроим Яндекс Директ и Google Adwords. Хотите повысить осведомленность пользователей сети о своем бренде или новом продукте, о котором еще никто не знает? Подключим Рекламную Сеть Яндекса и Контекстно-Медийную Сеть Google.
A fine tuning of big data service will help you to spend your budget only on selling requests and disactivate those which waste it. As a result, a cost of getting new orders will decrease more.

Our specialists have a sufficient competence and expertise to solve almost every task on contextual advertising.
In this section we have discussed the main questions, often asked by our client. In fact, they are numerous. If you need a detailed advice, we are always ready to help. Leave your application in a special form on this page, or call us by the number, specified on our website, and we will help you.
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