Attracting a premium audience for a private wellness club

Pestovo Wellness Club is a premium fitness club located on the territory of a gated community on the banks of the Pestovsky reservoir, away from prying eyes and is part of the best golf club in Russia in 2022 according to Forbes Russia. Space of health and beauty with an area of 2500 sq.m. offers a country house atmosphere with personalized service, modern facilities and a thermal area.
In the fall of 2022, the Pestovo Wellness Club management decided to expand the quota for club residents and turned to SEA Company for help in attracting a narrowly targeted target audience living in the cottage villages closest to the club.


The main problem with selling club cards was the impossibility of mass advertising due to the need to maintain a private format and ensure security on the territory of the cottage village where the club is located. In this regard, the Pestovo Wellness Club does not have its own website and pages on social networks, where the B2C audience usually comes from even to luxury fitness centers. In addition, most of the neighboring villages also offer fitness and wellness services in their territories, however, most of them do not correspond to the premium level of the residents of these villages.


In order to fulfill the task and taking into account all the requirements for maintaining the "closed" format familiar to residents of the club, SEA Company specialists proposed to create a Pestovo Wellness Club landing page based on the Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club website, and then launch contextual advertising in Yandex on permanent residents of cottage settlements adjacent to the club. Narrowly targeted advertising for a specific location and settings of the portrait of the target audience with a high percentage of probability allows you to attract high-quality and relevant to the services of the club audience.


At the first stage, the SEA Company expert in the field of promoting lifestyle projects from the premium and luxury segment during the on-site audit studied the location, infrastructure and services of the club in order to determine the USP (Unique Selling Points) and formed the terms of reference for designers and programmers to create the Pestovo landing page wellness club.

At the second stage of work, the designers of SEA Company, based on the approved terms of reference, drew a prototype of the landing page, and after that, the programmers of SEA Company uploaded it to the existing website of the Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club.

The third step was setting up an advertising campaign in Yandex Direct. The difficulty was in correctly targeting ads for a limited and precise location and audience. Previously, a map of all cottage settlements within 30 km was drawn up, the cost of their real estate and the presence of recreational facilities on their territory were studied. It should be noted that the close location did not guarantee easy transport accessibility due to the landscape features of the area and the presence of many checkpoints of cottage settlements that prohibit transit through their territory.

The final stage was the writing of advertising texts, the creation of visuals for and the launch of advertising in Yandex Direct, which throughout the entire period was monitored daily by the targetologist and optimized as needed.


1. The number of requests from additional, narrow-profile pages, exceeded the number of requests from the main landing page, which shows the relevance of the information provided to the search query.

2. Taking into consideration the limited geo-targeting (only for a certain area), the CTR in search results was 6.48% (a CTR of 5-10% is considered an excellent indicator).

3. The CTR of advertisements for the other type of contextual advertising was 1.09% (the norm for this type of advertisement is 0.5% - 1%), which corresponds to the best possible indicator.

4. The month of the advertising campaign brought 37 requests (calls and letters asking for the cost of a club card).
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