Google Display Network (GDN) is a contextual advertising system from Google. It is a complete analogue of the Yandex Advertising Network. GDN applies the same rules and definitions that would describe work with Yandex Advertising Network (YAN). Except for:
More complicated and confusing interface. Even the usual account replenishment already causes difficulties, apart from the fine-tuning of the advertising campaign.
It is much easier to waste a budget. 5 years ago transitions to your site from this service costed a penny, but today the cost of advertising in Google Display Network is equal to the same at Yandex Advertising Network – and this is a serious budget.
Less worthy platforms where you can place your ad. For example, if Yandex provides a block of advertising in Yandex Mail with multimillion attendance and a high number of impressions, Google prefers to keep their services in the clean. Moreover, if you look at the list of GDN partners, you will see that the American company loses to Yandex.
The third point shows the main problem of Google Display Network – a long search for good advertising platforms, which will make at least some sense. Google has complicated the passage of moderation for sites that apply to Google Display Network, but it didn't help: quality resources for advertising in this network are still in short supply. Accounting that the cost of clicks in Google Display Network is comparable to Yandex Advertising Network, the question arises – why do we need this advertising network? You can just use YAN. But there are 2 nuances:
Sooner or later the potential of YAN will be exhausted, especially if you have a large advertising budget.
Using the GDN you can attract an audience from other sites that are not in YAN.
It is only necessary:
Correctly choose sites for advertising in GDN.
Properly configure the service itself. It's the least of the worries, but it's still significant. Especially for those who have never engaged in contextual advertising.
Do you need a reliable assistant in this case? PR-Agency SEA Company offers its services in setting up and working with the Display Network from Google.
It's simple. Over the years we have already developed a white-list of sites-partners of Google Display Network. Through trial and error, we have formed a database of decent resources where to place an advertisement. Of course, this is not an absolute guarantee of success – after the initial setup you need to work with GDN more than one month, but the result worths it. The best option is to connect the end-to-end Analytics module, for example, Roistat. This tool is afterwards required for effective setup of GDN.

What we will do for you in the first month of cooperation:
Add the reporting features to core analytics systems like Yandex Metric and Google Analytics. We will pay special attention to GA – Google services have rich opportunities for synchronization.
We will competently select the main advertising requests and provide maximum coverage of the target audience.
Make headlines and ad texts, select and process images for the ad unit.
We will make all necessary settings in the interface of the advertising profile.
Set up a basic cross-minus ads so that your budget will be spent efficiently.
Set the time of display and geotargeting of ads.
We will go through the moderation of the advertising campaign. In Google Display Network it's not always that easy.
With further cooperation, we will focus on:
Reducing cost per click.
Increasing CTR.
Reducing the cost of the lead.
Reducing the cost of customer acquisition.
In order to get consultancy and find out the exact cost of the service, fill out a special form on this page, or call us at the phone number listed on the website and we will contact you.
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