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Any business at the stage of its creation and development requires specialized knowledge and research, including well-formed marketing positioning. For the successful operation of the company, it is necessary to build an effective marketing strategy, make the proposed product attractive and understandable to the target audience.

The marketing packaging of a business from the SEA Company consulting company involves deep immersion of experts into the essence of your business. The consultant who accompanies your project becomes part of your team for a while, like a full-time employee, and only then begins to form the right "package".
The project is being implemented in three stages
Stage #1 Preparation work
After signing the contract, the project is assigned a supervising consultant with specialized expertise. A visit to the facility or to the customer's office (anywhere in the world) is organized to conduct a series of working meetings with owners and management, as well as an audit of the current situation and a deeper dive into the essence of the project.

The result of stage No. 1 is an approved detailed action plan for the implementation of the necessary tasks in the project.
Stage #2 Implementation
In accordance with the approved plan, the project consultant gathers an internal project team and proceeds to the step-by-step implementation of the goals and objectives. All communication between the customer and the project team takes place through the supervising consultant, who consolidates all tasks and their statuses. The result of the implementation of each item of the plan is agreed with the responsible representative of the customer.

The result of stage No. 2 is the assembled unified brand marketing strategy, including its positioning and promotion plan.
Stage #3 Presentation of the project
The result of the consulting is a detailed brand guide, which describes in detail its marketing positioning, a brief and complete description of the brand, its products and services, highlights unique selling propositions (USP), provides a detailed analysis of competitors and target audience, and also formed a PR and marketing strategy for year and prepared basic marketing materials to achieve the goals set by the owner of the business.
5 reasons why marketing packaging business must be trusted to SEA Company
We guarantee that you will not fall into the "conveyor" of consulting, and we will treat your task as if it were our own.
It is important for us that all parties fully understand and share the need for each of the developed activities, therefore, if necessary, we make adjustments to the strategy.
The result of our work is transferred to the customer as intellectual property.
In the case of the implementation of the prepared PR and marketing plan by the customer's own resources, the supervising consultant makes a presentation of the plan for the responsible employees of the customer, explaining all the details.
Upon completion of the project, SEA Company can be appointed as the customer's PR agency and will take care of the implementation of the plan by specialized employees in accordance with the selected service package.

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Why is a pre-audit necessary?
Preliminary audit is one of the key features in the methodology of our work. Before starting work on a project, we need to dive into the details of the business, identify the current issues together with the client, and understand exactly that we have the same understanding of the business objectives at the time of its implementation. Only then can we start working.
I am located in another city (country), can I get a business packaging marketing service?
Philosophy SEA Company is built on opportunities, not problems. Thus, the pandemic showed and taught the whole world that almost any issue can be resolved remotely using modern means of communication. Therefore, we confidently answer "Yes" to this question with a footnote that each request is individual, and it is possible that the stage of a preliminary audit and a personal visit of consultants cannot be avoided.
I already have a description of the brand, can I just order its expertise from you?
Of course. If you are not sure about the current positioning, the correctness of the marketing description of a service, product or brand in general, then we are ready to conduct an audit and help develop a PR and marketing plan based on the materials you provided and our opinion. In addition, our experts will be able to evaluate all the materials you have and give an extended opinion on their correctness or the need for improvements.
Can I order a partial marketing package?
Yes, we can exclude certain sections of the product's marketing packaging, such as positioning or SWOT analysis. However, we strongly recommend entrusting brand formation to experts, because the price of amateurism is extremely high, and if positioning is misinterpreted, you can spend money budgeted for PR and marketing without tangible benefit to the brand.
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