PR and marketing business packaging of the new hotel complex «Negorod»

Negorod is a hotel in the format of a club complex of 12 modern barnhouses, located on a green island in the center of the Voronezh Sea and within walking distance from the historical center of the city. The unique location allows you to "hide" from the rhythm of the big city without leaving its center. The territory of the complex, closed from prying eyes, combined with a premium level of service, guarantee a safe, high-quality and peaceful outdoor recreation. A feature of the club format is a personalized service and the absence of a template approach.

"Negorod" - the luxury of a country house in the center of a big city.
In September 2022, the owner of a new hotel complex in the center of Voronezh approached SEA Company for consulting services on PR and marketing business packaging of the hotel, as well as the development of basic operational documentation for the launch of the hotel.


Only 3 months remained before the technical opening of the Negorod complex, the construction and landscaping of the territory was almost completed. It was during this period that it was necessary to prepare for the start of sales, and from the hotel's marketing package there was only an album with a rendering concept of the project, which was developed by architects and designers. The customer at that time did not have full-time employees of the hotel, and also wanted to make sure that the concept was up to date.


Before the start of the project, SEA Company specialists carried out a high-level analysis of the concept of the complex and prepared a list of tasks that need to be completed before and after the technical opening of the hotel. As part of the pre-opening, the customer chose the services "PR and marketing business packaging of the product", as well as "Development of basic operating documentation for the hotel" with adaptation to the specifics of the complex.


When opening a hotel, it is important to feel the location, study the history, clearly define or create a USP that will distinguish the hotel from the rest of the objects. On the basis of this, a beautiful legend is created, which will serve as the foundation for the future PR and marketing promotion of the hotel.

The first stage of the implementation of the Negorod packaging project was an on-site audit by SEA Company specialists for a personal acquaintance with the object, its location and consultations with the ideological inspirer to determine the marketing positioning desired by the USP, as well as to approve the goals and objectives of the project for the long term.

As part of the second stage, and based on the results of the approved marketing positioning from the first stage, a legend was created that conveys the meaning and concept of the Negorod club complex, a list of guest services (included in the cost of living and for an additional fee) was prepared and approved, the names of the categories of houses were determined - barnhouses with their detailed description for posting on the official website and online sales channels.

The third stage was the creation of an image press release, which absolutely every hotel should have without reference to the star rating and the size of the room stock. An image release is essentially a PR package for a project that describes all of its key characteristics from the marketing package. Unlike classical news press releases, image press releases can consist of several pages and are not tied to a specific event. Its main function is to describe the hotel emotionally, "deliciously" and in detail, so that after reading it, there is only one thought in my head - I want to go there.

After agreeing on all PR and marketing materials, at the fourth stage of work, the basic operational documentation of the hotel was developed, taking into account the specifics and features of serving guests of the Negorod club complex.


1. Created within the framework of this project, PR and marketing materials have become the basis for the content of the hotel website, as well as promotion in social networks and other sources of communication.

2. The selected marketing positioning most accurately conveys the concept of the hotel and helped in the shortest possible time to get a high load and achieve the planned financial performance.

3. Operational documentation helped the future management of the hotel quickly "enter" the operating mode and concentrate on setting up the service and training the staff.
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