The Covid-19 pandemic period has clearly demonstrated the advantages of delegating part of the work to outsourcing. Such a format of cooperation allows you to reduce not only the cost of reservation services (partner services are not subject to personal income tax and contributions), but also financial risks in unforeseen situations (it is much easier to notify a partner of the termination of the contract than to officially reduce staff or even transfer to an official "idle").

SEA Company offers a modern service "Outsourced reservation department", which will relieve you of the care of processing incoming requests from tour operators, individual guests, corporate clients and just daily consultations and questions. We will take care of all communication with clients, and you will only have to meet them at your hotel and enjoy the well-coordinated work of a team of professionals.
Your own reservation department requires a special room in which employees will be comfortable working and talking without disturbing other colleagues. To be effective, you need to purchase high-quality and expensive equipment, configure it and maintain updates. Setting up business processes, training and constant trainings for employees of the booking department is also an important part of the work.

Even when you are ready to invest a large amount of money and a sufficient amount of time in the organization, one question will always be relevant – where to find staff who also speak English?

If all this is familiar to you, but you absolutely do not want to invest in it, we have a solution – the outsourced reservations office from SEA Company.

It is beneficial to you because:
System setup, staff briefing and the start of the booking department operation takes place in 1 month.
Reduction of your tax obligations (when working with us, a contract is concluded for the provision of services with a legal entity that is not subject to personal income tax and contributions).
There is no need to allocate or rent a special room.
Savings on the purchase of office equipment - computers, phones, printers.
Savings on costs with communication service providers, as well as on the costs of ensuring the work of the department.
Reduction of paper document flow.
In case of office closure, there is no need to undergo procedures for the official reduction of employees and liquidation of a legal entity, there is no need to think about where to sell expensive equipment, furniture and other office supplies.
The closure of the office takes place in 2 months by a simple notification of the termination of the provision of services without any penalties and sanctions.
Dedicated Toll Free room for a chain or individual hotel.
Free calls for customers using toll free number.
Modern expensive equipment, PBX, phone call records
A system for developing the quality of services provided based on the experience of SEA Company in various fields of activity (from federal banks to Leading Hotels of the World standards).
All our employees speak at least two languages fluently - English and Russian.
The physical location of the office in Moscow allows us to attract highly qualified and experienced employees – with us you will forget about the problems with finding staff and training them.
Receive all incoming calls from all customers.
Reply on all incoming emails from all customers.
Advise clients on all issues related to the hotel, availability of rooms, infrastructure, pricing, current promotions, etc.
Solve emergency situations (change of booking conditions, payment, etc.).
Make direct booking of rooms through an online interface connected directly to the hotel's PMS system.
Advise clients and answer questions in a chat on the hotel's website.
Advise clients and answer questions in social network chats.
And indeed, sell your hotel services, as all our reservation department is learned as a reactive sales manager!
The functioning of the reservation department depends on many factors and the needs of a particular hotel or hotel chain. We are ready to provide services both during standard working hours with a schedule of 5/2, and to provide round-the-clock support.
from 10:00 – 19:00*
Package «A»
Package «B»
from 08:00 – 20:00*
Package «С»
Why is your reservation department located in Moscow?
Moscow is a central European city, where a large number of head offices of companies are concentrated. In this regard, we have no problems with hiring highly qualified specialists with experience and skills that meets the standards and requirements of SEA Company. In addition, Moscow's time zone is quite universal and coincides with most European countries and cities.
What if your employee gets sick or goes on vacation?
This is one of the advantages of the "Outsourced reservation department" service, because nothing will change for you in this situation. We do not work "on the conveyor belt" as in many areas, but we have a sufficient number of employees who will perfectly know everything about your hotel and will always be able to advise. No call or request will be missed!
We are a small hotel, is this service relevant for me?
Yes, indeed! After all, it is in hotels with a small number of rooms, as well as located in interesting but hard-to-reach regions, that there is a shortage of rates for employees of the reservations department, and the opportunity to have 3 or more employees, in case of illness or vacation.
How quickly can we start the operation of the booking department for our hotel?
The launch speed depends on the size of the hotel, infrastructure, etc. The larger your hotel or hotel chain, the more time we will need to set up business processes, which will include: staff training, connecting to the hotel booking system, setting up a PBX, etc. On average, this process takes 1 month.
How can I improve the quality of work of the staff of the outsources reservations office?
This is not mandatory in the contract with our company, but experience shows that when our employees have the opportunity to personally visit the hotel, the percentage of call conversion to reservations increases by 30-35%! An inspired and motivated employee will sell much more than a person who has received knowledge from the Internet and photos.
What is the package price and are you working on commission base only?
Price is individual and always calculated based on the number of rooms that your hotels have. As well price depends on if you work with our company on other packages (Sales Support or PR Support) which increase your brand awareness and sales, therefore increase potential incoming traffic of requests. We have different options – based on the fix monthly fee only and combined with commission fee per each booking with basement. Contact us to get more details.
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