Today it is no secret to anyone that e-mail newsletters are an effective marketing tool. Made correctly, they can bring a significant value to the customer. Speaking frankly, how many e-mails end up in a trash folder like a troublesome fly with you thinking: "That spam again!" But there are also professional letters that attract your attention like a magnet. And we are the ones who know how to write them. It is more than a statement; we can prove it with actual numbers. Curious?

Certainly, there are a lot of free automatic services for e-mail newsletters available now. But there are some factors to take into consideration when working with them:
    • Whatever service you use, you always need a relevant and clearly segmented data. If you send everything to everyone, it will have a negative response from the recipients. It is probably not the result you want to achieve.
    • Free services generally help to organize simultaneous mailing to a large number of recipients (which is impossible, for example, through a regular e-mail client). However, they do not care at all about whether your e-mails go to Spam or Inbox folder, what is the layout of your e-mail, whether user preferences are met, whether you get the chance to offer additional services to recipients and whether the e-mails are written in the addressee's language. And who should think about this then?
    • Today, legislation very strictly regulates the use of personal data for advertising and marketing purposes. Are you sure the addressee gave you permission? Ready to prove it and be the responsible one?
    Important question: how some make this work and others fail while seemingly doing the same thing? For us it is obvious. The latter greedily stuff all at once into one email wanting to lay out anything and everything. This is not our way. One of our fundamentals for effective e-mail marketing is to focus on a single point. Otherwise, a reader becomes distracted and fails to get the key idea. Remember – you have no more than 5 seconds to capture the addressee's attention! After that the e-mail will be deleted. We know how to make a highlight, in particular the heading! This highlight will be the very news that is to 100% capture the interest. And the numbers in the report will prove it.

    We are keeping an edge, and by the modern technology our letter templates are interactive. The information flows logically, piece by piece, in a convenient format, with no attempts to cram everything into the core of the email. We are catching attention with a subject, emphasizing the key objectives and advantages, allowing the reader to choose whether to read more, download a presentation or go to your website.

    SEA Сompany offers the following target audiences for e-mail campaigns:
    • corporate customers
    • tour operators and travel agencies, concierge clubs of Russia and the CIS countries
    • government authorities of Russia, representative offices of the international state organizations and associations
    • embassies in Russia
    • MICE (event) agencies
    • hotels globally
    Preparation period for e-mail campaign for B2B customers and partners is two weeks, which includes:
    • 1
      Designing an interactive template for email, which will fully correspond to your brand identity guidelines, have active buttons leading to the crucial sections of your website, and most importantly will be properly built in line with the most recent research on user preferences.
    • 2
      Creating an appealing text based on your news and adapting it to each audience of your choice. It will engage the recipients and make them act in response: call or message you, go to your website.
    • 3
      Selecting an optimal time and date for e-mail campaign, assuring the timely dispatch.
    • 4
      Preparing a report on performance and relevancy, showing the most granular and transparent data.
    And one of the important advantages of our company in e-mail marketing is our developed exclusive connections in the industry, which we are happily sharing with our customers. As we are 'boiling' in this business and constantly updating and expanding our network of acquaintance, the delivery rate of our emails keeps as high as 80%. And considering that we make interactive templates and help our customers with content and layout, the opened letters always amount to at least 20%.
    Think about it, every fifth recipient actually reads the email!
    We always remember about tact and finesse. If emailing is regular but not bothersome, not spammy, then it actually can sensibly increase awareness of the company and significantly boost the direct sales (especially in case of package and event offers).

    Like every Michelin-starred chef, we have our secret ingredient. Being a cherry on top, it will make your e-mails as effective as possible. This secret, however, is only for the insiders! If you want to join the club, contact us and we will share with you!
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