Professional design is one of the most important marketing tools. The effectiveness of marketing and sales directly depends on how the consumer feels when he first met your product, how much he will remember it and whether the design will be your business card.

Today, design is the work of not only a creative professional with a good artistic taste and sense of style, but also a marketer and even a content manager who clearly knows how to present your product correctly and tasty.

SEA Company offers design services for a variety of tasks, and our PR managers, marketing and content managers will help you create effective visual solutions to promote your brand.
We are strong in the following design segments
Brand book and guideline
The basis of the brand book from SEA Company includes the mandatory minimum elements - the logo and rules for its use, fonts, business cards, letterhead, presentation backing and electronic signature design (with or without a banner). We believe that this is the minimum that any brand should have. Additionally, depending on the goals, type of business and current tasks, the brand book can be expanded with other corporate identity elements
Events identity
The corporate identity of the event will give not only individuality to the event, but also distinguish it from the rest. This service is suitable for those who create official and public events. For example, a city festival, a series of concerts, a road show. The minimum set includes the development of an event logo and rules for its use, fonts, an electronic signature banner, online and printed invitations, a letterhead and a presentation substrate. Additionally, depending on the goals and current tasks, the corporate identity can be expanded with other elements - advertising layouts, press wall, etc.
Presentations, brochures and POSM materials
Marketing materials are an integral part of any business, and a stylish and high-quality presentation of the material is 50% of sales success. The phrase "Сlothes speak for men" - translated into the language of marketers - on the first page of a presentation or brochure. Remember, you only have 5 seconds to interest a person. Thoughtful design and presentation of content is a necessary tool for this. You can also define all POSM products here - make it creative with SEA Company.
Websites and landing pages
A website is a showcase for any business. Today it should be not only stylish, but also created according to the rules of usability and be functional. A team works on any site created by SEA Company so that none of the key points is missed, and your participation in the creation process is minimal. You will be pleasantly surprised by the process and the result, we guarantee!
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Why should I choose SEA Company?
Choosing a design service from us, you can be 100% sure that professionals will take care of your project, deadlines will be met, intellectual property rights will be fully transferred to you, and not least, we will not disappear in the middle of the project. All this makes us one of the best solution without any risks for you. Even a very talented designer or freelancer will not be able to offer even a fraction of these guarantees.
Do you rate work by the hour?
We are committed to transparency in relationships, so for all types of services we have a fixed price, term and KPI (if applicable). You don't have to worry, we've thought of everything.
Who writes the technical task and content?
Technical task are the basis for any work, and in design, they are of strategic importance. Our experts will study it and will sent by you and ask all the necessary questions before the start of work. At the same time, if you do not have a technical task, we suggest using the service of writing it by our specialists - with them you can be 100% sure that not a single important moment will be missed. We have the same service for content creation.
Where can I see a full list of services by type of design?
There is no such. For the only reason - we can make it, but it will be endless. It is better to send us a request, we will listen to your tasks and offer a set of solutions.
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