19 FEBRUARY 2019

What kind of yandex advertisement will fit to you?

The modern Internet marketing involves several key areas, i.e.:
Teaser networks
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Contextual advertising
Media advertising
Targeted advertising
Advertisement in price comparison websites
Each tool has its specific properties, strengths and weaknesses. Together they constitute a powerful tooling to promote any type of business in Internet. Now let us talk about the contextual advertising in detail. This is one of the principal digital tools and the primary source of revenue for such companies as Yandex and Google.

There are two types of contextual advertising: impression of advertisement in search results and the advertisement on the partners' search systems websites. Yandex Direct and Google Adwords may be classified as the first type.The second type includes Yandex Advertising Network and Google Display Network.

Specifically, for your convenience we have prepared the Table containing the comparison of these two tools.
Clicks and impressions
The average number of clicks and impressions in Yandex Advertising Network is massively more, but the target audience is far less. Yandex Advertising Network may be well suited for brand building, but, all depends upon the campaign setting, advertising offer in the banner, the picture itself, link target, unique character of offer and etc. The contextual advertising has less impressions and clicks, but if the keywords and advertising text, and the list of minus-phrases are selected and prepared properly, one may achieve a very high efficiency of the campaign: to obtain the highest possible target audience.
It is plain to see that each tool is good depending on those tasks which are set prior to the launch of advertisement. In case of urgent need of sales, and you wish to attract as larger target audience as possible, then we should switch on Yandex Direct or Google Adwords. If we intend to enhance the general awareness of the brand or of any specific goods, then Yandex Advertising Network should be your choice. Let us also note that we do not like Google Display Network as far as the websites where they place advertisement are much worse in terms of quality than in Yandex Advertising Network. These are the consequences of those times when Google paid large sums of commission fees for switching from the partner websites, and a vast number of site webmasters jumped at hammering websites for those affiliate programs. After a while they tightened the screws, reduced payments but these websites remained in Google Display Network.

Each tool may both generate value and inflict damage. The most important thing is to know when and in which cases these tools shall be used.
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