09 APRIL 2024

SEA Company survey results based on tourism industry representatives' data on what requirements and needs do Russian premium tourists' have while choosing hotels and resorts as a holiday destination

SEA Company, Russian PR and consulting company, has conducted a survey among tourism industry representatives dedicated to key requirements and needs of premium Russian tourists while choosing hotels and resorts as a holiday destination. Respondents (whose average bill is more than 500,000 rubles) have highlighted key hotels and resorts' services and amenities that they would prefer to have while travelling in Russia and abroad.

The key criteria while choosing hotels and resorts abroad by premium tourists has turned out the availability of direct regular flights (78,8%), in the second place – popularity of a hotel as a brand (72,1%), thirdly, year of hotel opening 68,3%). Additionally, more than half of representatives have pointed out as significant factors the lack of visa restrictions (59,6%) as well as popularity of hotels and resorts among celebrity and bloggers (52,9%) alongside with availability of Russian speaking stuff on the spot.

The most desirable services among Russian high-income tourists in foreign hotels and resorts are personal butler (71,2%), personal travel agent or concierge in order to pay for extra needs (68,3%), Russian speaking hotel concierge (59,6%). More than half of respondents have stressed out the importance of availability of executive lounge with food and drinks (52,9%). This data shows the real demand for privacy and seamless opportunity to order and pay for extra services while staying abroad.

Survey data also have indicated premium tourists' requirements in terms of hotel infostructure and amenities. Availability of restaurants variety (85,6%), kid's club and baby sitter service (82,7%) as well as opportunity to stay in stand-aside chalets and villas (74%) could definitely become significant factors to change reservation decision towards hotels where such services are available.

More than half of premium segment respondents (51%) have answered that they prefer reservation option with included breakfast as well as «all inclusive» package (28,8%). Moreover, 97% pay attention to brands of textile, glass and dinner ware, furniture and other room accessories. 84,6% responders prefer late cancelation option (up to 24 hours before check in).

The last but not least, 58,7% of interviewed travel agencies and concierge services have positive experience in changing client's decision towards other hotel option then it has been chosen before, almost 27% make it on regular basis.

As for the less significant factors for premium segment tourists they are: hotel web-site on Russian language (20,2%), fast helicopter transfer (17,3%), conference halls and business centers within hotel area (6,7%). At the same time the respondents will better not to use an option to stay incognito using false identity (51%), and rarely pay attention to hotel loyalty program or bonus system (55,8%).

Survey results could become useful for investors, owners and general managers of premium segment property objects as well as for travel agents, concierge services, tourism market analytics and other representatives of hospitality business in Russia and abroad.

The survey was conducted from March 18 to March 22, 2024 using a questionnaire method. In study were involved 104 travel companies from different regions of Russia working with premium segment tourists.
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