02 JULY 2018

The SEA Company has become the member of international Travel Lifestyle Network

On the 1st of July 2018, the SEA Company merged with the International Association of independent PR agencies and representative offices of the Travel Lifestyle Network, the headquarters of which is based in Germany. As of today the SEA Company is the single existing member of the Travel Lifestyle Network from Russia. The Association unites the PR agencies in more than 25 countries of the world: North and South America, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and Australia.

The Russia's representative entry into the Association means that all its members will have greater opportunities to interact with the Russian core audience, and also a direct access to international Mass Media, various segments for the SEA Company's clients. As before all communications are being done through one person, i.e. the Customer Service Manager, and this reduces significantly time and financial expenditures.

"We had been on a course for this event very long. The amalgamation with the numerous Travel-family will benefit us not only to be breast of world events and to apply international practices here in Russia but to scale up our business on the global stage. By all means, the representation of the entire country is a grave responsibility. But we are ready for this!", - told Mr. Andrey Shemyakin, the Managing Partner of the SEA Company.

As early as in August, Paris will host the follow-up meeting to be held by European Coalition Travel Lifestyle Network chaired in this year by French colleagues. During that meeting the SEA Company will present for the first time the Russian market potential and will also share its experience with the members of the Association.

"We are familiar with the TLN since 2017, when we realized the first common PR project in Russia for their hotel in the Maldives. It is then that we were inscribed in the list of challengers to become the TLN's representative in Russia. The negotiations dedicated to accession took for nearly a year, inasmuch as the consent from all members of the Association had been required, and the number of such members was not a little. The accession of our Company to the TLN shall be considered as the appreciation of the professional behaviour of our entire team. We are proud of this", - told Mr. Vitaliy Smaylov, the Head of PR and Advertising Department of the SEA Company.

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