09 MARCH 2016


On 09 March in Berlin (Germany), in the terms of the international exhibition ITB Berlin 2016, a press conference was held by Vladimir Chernikov as the head of the Department for National Policy, Interregional Relations and Tourism in the City of Moscow: «Ten reasons to visit Moscow today».

The event gathered the largest tour operators in Germany, representatives of the German and Russian press, as well as numerous guests of the exhibition. In a welcoming speech, Vladimir Chernikov noted that the Russian capital has become the most attractive area for international tourism. «Moscow is not just the largest city in Europe, it can not be compared to any metropolis in the world. It is a unique city - historical and modern at the same time. The ancient buildings coexist with business districts in the style of hi-tech, cozy cafes - with world-class restaurants, famous fashion brands - with traditional crafts. Since its foundation, Moscow has been a unique multi-national «rafting». Among the inhabitants of Moscow, in addition to Russians, since ancient times there have been Greeks, Lithuanians, Poles, Tatars, Georgians, Armenians, Germans, Jews, natives of different regions of the Russian State. All of them left a memory of themselves on the map of the ancient capital of Russia: in toponymics, in architecture, in a special atmosphere of Moscow hospitality», he said.

Vladimir Chernikov referred to ten reasons for coming to the Russian capital and noted that, despite the economic crisis, the number of tourists coming to Moscow is increasing every year.
Reason No. 1: Historical and Cultural Heritage

The numerous historical and architectural monuments of different epochs are concentrated in Moscow. At the same time, Moscow is changing, industrial zones are being transformed into centers of contemporary art, objects of cultural heritage are being restored - in the last five years 367 monuments and buildings have acquired their historical appearance. There are new display objects, for example - the Cold War Museum, located in an underground bunker, built in the 50's of the last century at a depth of 65 meters. To get acquainted with all the diversity of the numerous museums in Moscow, you can during the largest event in Europe «Night at the Museum», which participants annually become more than 1 million people.

Reason No. 2: Moscow is high-tech and comfortable

Throughout Moscow, there is free access to the worldwide Internet, including and underground, in the Moscow metro as the world's largest «underground palace». Here is launched a project of free Wi-Fi - a perfect example of a combination of old traditions and new technologies. For users of smartphones, interfaces for self-guided tours, taxi ordering and car sharing services are launched. Walking along Moscow is safe as the tourist police work on popular routes; in general, the number of crimes in the city has decreased significantly, in particular, through the introduction of the program «Safe City». Over 200 thousand high-resolution video surveillance cameras are installed in underground transitions, underground and ground transportation, as well as on city streets and in buildings.

Reason No. 3: Russian folk crafts

Talking about traditions, Vladimir Chernikov mentioned the center of culture and entertainment in the park of Izmailovo, where you can not only have fun, but also try your hand at ancient crafts. The hand-made products will become unique presents, brought from the capital of Russia. You can buy souvenirs not only in the numerous souvenir shops in the city center, but also during excursions, including river ones, to the largest centers of folk crafts located in the Moscow region.

Reason No. 4: Moscow is a business center

«Only according to official data in Moscow hotels stops more than 2 million guests who visit it for business purposes», said the head of the Department of National Policy, Interregional Relations and Tourism of Moscow. In particular, from Germany, which is the second in the top 10 countries in terms of the number of tourists, more than 40% of visits to Moscow are made for business purposes. Every year more than 200 international exhibitions, hundreds of forums, congresses and conferences take place in the Russian capital. To accommodate guests working business-class hotels, in particular, 39 Moscow hotels represent the 27 largest international hotel brands. In total, there are more than 1000 hotels of different levels and costs in Moscow.

Reason No. 5: Moscow is an ecologically friendly city

Moscow is a great metropolis but, unlike most major cities, the capital is proud of clean air. According to the rating of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Moscow is the most environmentally friendly city in Russia. There are about 400 parks here. Including unique ones: Losiny Ostrov is the only National Park in the metropolitan area, museums-reserves Tsaritsyno and Kolomenskoye and actively developing the famous grounds of Gorky Park and VDNH.

Reason No. 6: Moscow is the port of five seas

Vladimir Chernikov paid a special attention to the Moscow embankments. Now the capital is actively working on their reconstruction and the main waterfront embankments have already changed. «We can safely say: this illumination of the city's main water artery is nowhere in the world,» the speaker said. Enjoy the view from the river can be at any time of the year, because in Moscow, year-round navigation operates. This became possible thanks to the Radisson Royal Flotilla, which includes 10 yachts of ice-breaker class with restaurant service on board. For guests of the capital there is a special offer - a combined ticket for a day, which allows you to travel around Moscow both by boat and by double-decker tourist buses.

Reason number 7: Moscow is the capital of Russian gastronomy

In Moscow, all the main cuisines of the world are represented, including the countries of the former Soviet Union. Especially popular are the traditional dishes of the peoples of the Caucasus and Central Asia. A separate place is occupied by Slavic cuisine. One of the popular places where you can taste national Slavic dishes, Vladimir Chernikov referred to Shinok restaurant. Russian dishes in modern execution are served at Fahrenheit restaurant. Another important gastronomic item on the map of Moscow is Turandot restaurant offering Pan-Asian cuisine. This place is also the architectural landmark of the capital. At the press conference, other unique gastronomic institutions were also announced, from small author's cafes and fast-food chains, to fashion and cult. The average check for Moscow is from 2 to 50 euros.

Reason No. 8: Moscow for children

Moscow is a city not only for adults, but also for children. The novelty of 2015 is the Center for Oceanography and Marine Biology «Moskvarium». Here in 80 aquariums housed 8 thousand marine life and freshwater from different parts of the world. On the giant water scene, water shows are held, 7 swimming pools with dolphins are open. After the restoration, the Central Children's Shop in Lubyanka opened - a unique complex, with a viewing platform that offers a beautiful view of the historic center of the city. There are several «cities of professions», a museum of entertaining sciences «Experimentanium», circuses known all over the world, children's play centers.

Reason No. 9: Moscow sports

More than 50% of muscovites are engaged in sports. In winter, 650 km of ski runs operate in the Russian capital, 9 ski slopes are located within the city. VDNH operates the largest ice rink in Europe with artificial ice. The country's main rink traditionally opens on Red Square. In the summer there are more than 150 bicycle rental points, 210 km of bicycle paths are laid.

Reason No. 10: Moscow is a city of festivals

At the end of the press conference, Vladimir Chernikov talked about the upcoming events. So, in 2016, Moscow will host 150 major events in the sphere of culture, science and sports, which are of interest to Russian and foreign tourists. Including - the World Hockey Championship, which will be held in May this year. The world's largest festival of reconstructions is «Times and Epochs», whose theme this year will be Ancient Rus, as well as the Festival of Light, attracted more than 7 million spectators in unchanged interest.

Moscow is a unique city, with ancient historical monuments, large shops, restaurants, business centers and parks where you can walk freely, ride a bike and river boats. Moscow is a city for active life and a pleasant stay. The modern capital of Russia is a safe and affordable city. To get to know it closer you need only 2.5 hours to fly from Berlin, Frankfurt / Main or Vienna and from 60 euros for an air ticket. And from Cologne or Memmingen it is possible to reach by the a lowcoster for 12 euros only!

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